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Manuscripts Under Review and in Preparation

available upon request

Bogard, J.E., West, C., and Fox, C.R. Heuristics and Biases in Judgments of Inequality

Milkman et al. [incl. Bogard, J. E.] A Mega-Study of Text-Based Nudges Encouraging Patients to Get Vaccinated at their Pharmacy

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Selected Research in Progress

Bogard, J.E., Clarke, P., Evans, S.H., and Goldstein, N.J. Self-Generated Social Norms: The role of salient exemplars in perceived norms

Bogard, J.E. and Goldstein, N.J. Social Comparisons for Critical Behavior Rather than Ideal Outcomes

Bogard, J.E. and Fox, C.R. Message Framing and Lay Theories of Inequality

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Bogard, J.E. and Sullivan, N.J. When Defaults Backfire: The top-down role of trust in moderating behavioral and attentional reactions to defaults

Reiff, J.S., Bogard, J.E., Hershfield, H., and Caruso, E. Explaining Context Effects: Social inferences and information leakage from choice set composition

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